02 aug2017

What is the difference between the Interreg project Watertruck and the TEN-T project Watertruck+?

While the Interreg project Watertruck was rather a feasibility study to investigate if there is a real potential for this new way of transport, the TEN-T Watertruck+ project aims at scaling up the Watertruck concept on a EU scale by developing a Masterplan and building an actual fleet of Watertrucks used on a pilot basis.

The Interreg project Watertruck is a project on a concept for goods transport on small waterways (CEMT I-IV) that can unlock the economic potential of a region through the use of small, self-propelled or unpropelled, standardised barges. The following work packages have been handled within this project:

  • Analyses of Fleets in Belgium, France and the Netherlands.
  • Identification of new and existing high added value markets and flow categories that benefit most from Watertruck decoupling sail-load/unload feature.
  • Exploration of financing models and structures.
  • Learnings from push boat/barge combinations class V and up.
  • Personnel issues.
  • Solutions for implementing optimal Watertruck patterns for CEMT classes I, II, III, IV and seaport areas.
  • Determination of the optimal set of Watertruck push barge capacities.
  • Identification and selection of industrial Watertruck-flows in Belgium, France and The Netherlands.
  • Controlling transport-economic feasibility and show added value of decoupling load/unload operations from sailing.
  • Identification and selection of industrial Watertruck-flows (pilot cases).
  • Examination of the possibilities for the implementation of sustainable techniques within the Watertruck concept in accordance with an economically viable approach.
  • Regional Watertruck Group Demand Models.
  • Research on technical opportunities and production capacities for series production of small push barges.
  • Dissemination of the concept.

The Watertruck+ project, a TEN-T/CEF-project, brings the concept from Watertruck to life by introducing a fleet of vessels, consisting of small, self-propelled or unpropelled, standardised barges and push boats, used in convoys.

Watertruck+ aims to achieve a solution that is complementary to the existing inland waterways. The aim is to equip the market with business cases for a large European fleet of vessels by rolling out the Watertruck concept in various European regions. The project consists of the following work packages:

  • Market approach: development of business cases related to shippers’ commitment.
  • Contracting the logistics operators – selection and business case development.
  • Preparation for the operational programme – development of the planning models and monitoring tools, decision on necessary equipment (propelled, push boats, pontoons), founding of the commercial entity (SPV).
  • Ship Design.
  • Construction of Watertruck+, build to use
  • Real life trial of Watertruck+.
  • Development of the masterplan for upscaling Watertruck+.
  • Communication and dissemination.
  • Project coordination.

Contact: info@vlaamsewaterweg.be

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