The standard barges have been designed to ship various types of goods and to have an increased carrying capacity both in terms of weight as well as volume.

The barges can be plug-and-play conversed from non-propelled to self-propelled and vice versa.

  1. Bowthruster in a dummy box: The bowthruster unit can be easily replaced by a dummy unit.
  2. Skid: The genset including other necessary equipment is mounted on a skid which allows plug-and-play energy supply.
  3. The aft thruster channels will be a custom made channel system optimized for manoeuvring and propulsion.
  4. Wheelhouse: the wheelhouse will be optimized for its plug-and-play function. The wheelhouse has been designed to fulfil an innovative double function being the wheelhouse and hatch-cover in one.


Class CEMT Motorised Length Width Draft Max. airdraft Capacity 1 Tonnage Capacity (TEU)
Class I Yes 38.5 5.05 2.8 3.7 407 10
Class II Long Yes 50 6.6 2.8 4.2 609 24
Class II Short No 40 6.6 2.8 4.2 487 20


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