On a long-term basis, Watertruck+ aims to roll out up to 500 vessels on a larger scale. This means that:

  • New goods loads of goods and new flows will become available, also for the existing market.
  • Waterway transport will become more competitive compared to road transport, which will encourage more shippers to transport via water.
  • Skippers will be able to have a daytime job, which will make the profession more attractive to younger skippers.
  • There will be a new – more accessible – way to invest in vessels due to the standardization, which will lead to lower prices and new investment systems.

The Watertruck+ project aims to equip the market with business cases for a large European fleet of vessels by rolling out the Watertruck concept in various European regions. The investments in this large fleet will be provided by private partners.

This financial toolbox shall be comprised of the financial tools available to support the roll-out of the concept in Europe. The operational parameters and the financial toolbox will result in a master plan consisting of business cases for the construction of a new fleet of Watertrucks throughout Europe, driven by private investments.

On the back of the financial stimulus provided by private investments, the emergence of a large fleet of uniform, standardised vessels on the market capable of modular deployment, will leverage the growth potential for the sector. A large fleet of Watertrucks shall thereby become a standard investment within the inland waterways transport sector (comparable to investments in goods trailers in road transport), rather than a one-time investment based on a specific situation.


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