In the Grant Agreement, it is stated that the type of fuel and propulsion system to be used will at least comply with the EURO VI norm of road transport. As this standard was not originally intended for vessel emissions, little was known about the implications of the use of this standard and the appertaining test methods for marine applications. In this context, the Watertruck+ concept is exploring the possibilities of building their inland waterway vessels with emission levels that comply with EURO VI requirements for truck engines.

In a study by EICB, a wide range of inland waterway transport greening technologies and fuelling types were evaluated according to their operational, technical and economic feasibility, in order to assess their guaranteed conformity with EURO VI emission levels and probability of success.
The objective is to investigate whether or not EURO VI emission levels are also attainable for the propulsion of the Watertruck+ vessel, rather than the truck engines they were intended for.



In the Grant Agreement there is the efforts obligation to reduce CO² emissions by at least 25%, according to the EMOSS model. Conclusion: during the meeting on July 15 2016, participants confirmed compliance with the specified reduction of at least 25%.

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