02 aug2017

Watertruck+ will use EURO VI engines. Have you already found a supplier for these engines? If so, which kind and type of engines will be used?

Watertruck+ will not necessarily use EURO VI truck engines. The importance lies in reaching the emission targets of the EURO VI norm and not in the engine type. We are open for all possible solutions that can help us achieve these targets. A team of experts are currently investigating how we can reach this goal.

In setting ourselves such a high target, we are elevating Watertruck+ to a highly innovative level, which poses a huge challenge for the shipyards, which are in turn encouraged to come up with very innovative solutions. By introducing innovative techniques to the Watertruck+ fleet, we will aim at, and achieve emission level EURO VI, a level which is higher than the recently approved EU NRMM Stage V norm.

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