31 jan2018

André Celis

André Celis has over 60 years of experience of selling building materials to professionals as well as private persons. André Celis offers the perfect service: professional advice, an ample stock of quality products, large shops equipped with a show room and demo booths and a personalised transport service for speedy supply.

Alongside building materials, André Celis also runs a natural stone business, a recycling centre with container service and several petrol stations.

André Celis has been focusing on the environment for several years now! By using inland navigation, there are less lorries on the road, which eases congestion problems and reduces CO2 emissions. Each ship replaces the equivalent of 20 lorries!

André Celis uses inland navigation for the supply of building materials as well as the transportation of construction waste, demolition material and assorted fragments.

By using waterways, a modern fleet and other measures, André Celis reduced the CO2 emissions by more than 20 percent in a period of 5 years, an effort for which the company received the “Lean and Green” Award of the Flemish Institute for Logistics, an award given to companies which focus on the sustainable organisation of their logistics.

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