05 mar2019

The delivery of the first 4 Watertruck+ barges

Today, Group De Cloedt has received the first 4 Watertruck + barges. Group De Cloedt, which is active in dredging and soil cleaning, transports some 100,000 tons via the road annually. With the arrival of these barges, they are able to shift a part of their transport to the waterway.

The barges are built according to the ‘Plug and Play’ principle, allowing them to transport bulk, containers and silt. Due to their limited size, they can be used on class I waterways. The delivered items can sail autonomously. To which degree, they will also be self-propelled in the future is still currently under investigation.

If everything goes according to plan, the Watertruck+ fleet of Group De Cloedt and André Celis will consist of 18 barges.

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