14 jul2016

14/07/2016 Call for construction Watertruck+ (closed)

As a first step, certain standards will be established in order to reduce production costs and improve the interoperability of the vessels, both in terms of sailing areas and in terms of cargo type. The standard design for different sizes of barges will be developed.

As a first step in the trans-European rollout, a small fleet of (self-propelled) barges and push boats will be constructed and deployed in a large-scale trial phase, shipping a dedicated volume of cargo per year.

The first steps within the award procedure have been taken.
Follow this for further information on the contract notice of the push barges and the push boats.

Deadline for receipt of candidacies is 3 p.m. on 12th August.

The results of the trial phase will be combined with a financial toolbox in order to create a Master Plan which will contain business cases for the construction and financing of a large European fleet of Watertruck+ vessels.

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