02 aug2017

How will Watertruck+ increase the productivity of the skippers?

By decoupling loading from unloading, on-board staff will only be sailing and does not longer have to wait until the receiver has loaded or unloaded. In the meantime, the staff can operate on other barges.

No accommodation also means optimizing payload and efficiency.

Carrying capacity Watertruck (CEMT I) compared to Spits Carrying capacity Watertruck (CEMT II) compared to Kempenaar
Cargo weight (mt) +15% +12%
Cargo volume (m3) +18% +20%
Containers (TEU) N/A +20%

Within the Watertruck concept, a dayshift can be implemented. At the end of his shift, the shipper can go home. It is no longer necessary to live on board for several weeks, which makes the profession more attractive for younger skippers.

Contact: info@vlaamsewaterweg.be

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